Van's Rv transition training


Flying Van's Aircraft is very different than flying your typical trainer planes.  They are extremely capable aircraft!  You will love to fly them, but you will love them even more with a checkout from an experienced RV guy to guide you!


Caleb offers training in his RV-7A that is available if you get on the his schedule.  The cost is $175/hour plus fuel for the transition training in his aircraft.  In the near future the plan is to offer some basic Aerobatics training as well.  In previous work Caleb was helped transition many pilots in Van's aircraft.  He has specifically trained many pilots to fly RV-6, RV-6A, RV-7A, and RV-8A.  He has also helped many people locate, purchase, and ferry these aircraft.  With all the variables of a home built aircraft, it's good to seek guidance from someone who has seen, flown, and worked on a lot of them.

Along with RV expertise, Caleb also offers tail wheel training for those pilots wanting to add a tail wheel endorsement to their ticket.  Not much makes you a safer pilot than the addition of a tail wheel endorsement does.

The Marsh Flying Services Youtube channel contains some RV specific videos about good practices for long life of these aircraft.