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Peterson's Conversion transition training

"We have used Caleb Marsh’s pilot services on many occasions for aircraft pickup, delivery and customer checkouts.  He not only has exceptional flying skills, but we have always found him to be very professional and courteous.  We, along with our customers, have been very satisfied with his service and would highly recommend him to anyone."

-Todd Peterson

Peterson’s Performance Plus, Inc.

Sharpen Your Flying Skills

Learn from someone who knows how to fly your airplane,  and wants to help you become a better pilot! Whether a seasoned pilot or a rookie, you will gain knowledge and skills from our expertise in these aircraft.

Increase Your Safety

In flight nothing matters more than your safety.  Additional training only increases your abilities. Fly with the confidence that comes from knowing you are a safer pilot.

Fully Utilize Your Aircraft

There's nothing quite like flying a Peterson's Aircraft.  Learn to fly (or in some cases review)  your aircraft the way it was designed to be flown. Our training helps you get the most out of the Peterson Aircraft experience.

  Canard, Engine Management, Avionics... We cover every upgrade your plane has to offer!

Have Fun!

Get More Enjoyment of your pilot abilities and aircraft investment through learning or reviewing how your aircraft is supposed to be flown!

MFS has assisted Peterson’s Performance Plus in many customer checkouts and deliveries.  MFS received all knowledge of the Peterson conversion Cessna 182 and training from Todd and Jo Peterson.  We can work with you at your location.  Contact us today for a custom quote.   

We know how to teach you the right way to utilize all the upgrades of your Peterson Converted 182 because we know these aircraft!  We can help you improve your proficiency while utilizing the  safety and performance of these amazing aircraft.  We are ready to train in all Peterson's converted aircraft including:  King Katmai, Kenai, 260-se, 230-se (if it is a 182 with a canard WE GOT YOU!).

We can also review the current Regulations and work through a Flight Review on top of this training if so desired.

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