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I recently had a flight training with Caleb. I own a Peterson conversion King Katmai.  My training was over the weekend, 3 seesions per day, about 2 hours each session. 

Caleb was very patient and pleasant to be with throughout my training. I am not saying here just "review cliche". I had many different flight instructors in the past. Most of them were very nice guys with good personalities but when it comes to safety, they had different method of copying with the situation. When I made a mistake or about to make one, even the kindest instructor became nervous and testy. Throughout my sessions with Caleb we had a few occasions when it could've ended up with an incident. Caleb was swift and decisive to take control and corrected my action, saved a day. Yes, most good instructors can do that. However, Caleb did that in a calm & respectful manner. I had one instructor who made me nervous whenever there was same situation. With Caleb I felt relaxed whole time during my training, which in turn gave me confidence in flying in general.

I highly recommend Caleb for anyone who needs initial training or flight review.


-Dr. Chris Lee, May 2020 (Training conducted out of Bracket Airport KPOC in Southern California)

"After being an inactive pilot for 35 years and just recently getting back in the air - I would never have had the confidence to make a cross country flight like this (Kansas to Montana) if it hadn't been for the outstanding instruction I received in a minimum amount of time from Caleb Marsh.  Caleb is an outstanding instructor and I am priveledged to have taken instruction from him.  I would and do recommend him to everyone.

 - Glenn Langenegger, 2016

"Caleb, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the time we spent together while getting my personal pilot certificate. You were very involved from beginning to end. I really appreciate your help in working around my busy schedule. I feel I got the best instruction available in the area. I talked to friend that have trained under other instructors and were jealous of the experiences I had during my training. The fact that I now feel comfortable flying in class bravo, or charlie air space means that you did a great job not just teaching me how to operator my aircraft, but I have the confidence to go places.

You did a good job helping me understand the entire process from flight planning to flying and everything in between. You helped me understand that thinking safety is not enough. Flying is not a safe recreation, but if we make good plans and are well prepared we will always come home safe. So thanks for all the help so far and look forward to future training."

-Ryan Barkdull, Anodover, Kansas. Private Pilot Checkride passed January 2014.

“I decided to learn how to fly at a later age in life.  By choosing Caleb Marsh I received one on one personal instruction.  His patience and attention to detail was unmatched by any flight school ”

- Jay Pearson, Emporia, Kansas.  Sport Pilot Checkride Passed spring of 2013

"Hello my name is Leighton. Caleb has been very kind and understanding when it comes to teaching me to fly. I have been a slow learner and it has taken quite some time to get me up to speed.  I received my private certificate this summer and I am very thankful to Caleb for his help and guidance. I not only think he is a great pilot but also a patient and understanding teacher. Thanks Caleb for everything and good luck."

-Leighton York, Private Pilot Checkride Passed Summer of 2013

“I was picking up my new airplane in Witchita, KS.  I needed hours in the plane with a CFI.  Caleb was professional, knowledgeable and skilled as my CFI.  He allowed me to be confident and comfortable as we logged hours.  I would recommend Caleb to anyone needing CFI services.  Please use me as a reference anytime.  On a personal note he is very down to earth and his wife is a fantastic cook!!”

-Frank Maestri, Sheridan, Wyoming (Summer 2013)

"I've been pretty lucky when it comes to FAA Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs).  I took my first flight lesson in Kansas City in 1993 and now  I recently bought my very first airplane, a 1953 Piper Tri-pacer which as it turns out is the same age as I am.  The plane  was located in El Dorado, KS and my insurance company required I get a CFI to give me five hours of flight instruction before I could fly it home by myself.  After calling around the area, I found Caleb Marsh and after talking to him on the phone I knew I found the right CFI to help me.  When I drove up and met him at the airport he put me at ease right away and said I had a great airplane and let's go do some flying.  That we did and he took me to some amazing airports in the area that only a local guy would know about.  He is very professional, has experience in many plane makes/models and eager to give tips or critique a maneuver in easy to understand terms and in a way you would remember how to do it in the future. The most important trait that I like about Caleb is that he talks to you "Pilot to Pilot" as en equal and that is very important to me when flying with a CFI.  I would recommend him to anyone that wants to learn to fly for the first time, take their biannual flight review or upgrade their rating. "

-Tom Edmondson, Kansas City, Missouri (Summer 2013)

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