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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.


Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams by meeting your specific flight needs.  Your training will  meet all requirements and will be tailored to meet your needs as efficiently and safely as possible. 

Based at El Dorado's Captain Jack Thomas Airport in Kansas we are a convenient and quick 30 miles from Wichita. Learning from an experienced flight instructor offers the enjoyment and knowledge you are looking for in your new endeavor! Don't take our word for it, check out some of our testimonials below.





Peterson's Conversion Cessna 182

Van's RV


"I highly recommend Marsh flying services.  I feel blessed to have found them and to use them for achieving a private pilot certificate, pre-buy inspection on a Van’s RV and then transition training on the new plane.  I look forward to continuing to work with them to improve my skills and proficiency.

Caleb and Joseph are excellent pilots, teachers and were very helpful with scheduling so that I could maximize the value of my time as I traveled a fair distance for the training.  Caleb’s awareness of his customer’s financial commitment and that the successful business transaction is in a sense a partnership is refreshing.  I appreciate the integrity that is just part of who they are.  Both Caleb and Joseph are responsive teachers, they don’t just go through a rigid process but adapt and try to find what works for each student.  I know I tested their ability to adapt and their patience!  The atmosphere is pleasant, professional.

Caleb’s knowledge of and experience with Van’s RV’s is deep and practical.  The pre-buy experience was thorough,  and I felt that Caleb had a strong sense of ownership and obligation in the process.  He never stopped evaluating the plane and training me as we flew it back to KEQA for transition training.  His experience makes the transition training valuable and enjoyable.

KEQA is a great airport.  The paving is in good shape, the facilities are nice and convenient and there just aren’t many other airports around that have the runway configuration that lets you fly as many days, work on crosswind landings and still have a safe, low CW option to get in when you need it.  Occasionally there was other traffic but I was pleasantly surprised how often we had the pattern and field to ourselves, making for a lot less distractions during training.  Really great place to learn to fly.

Many thanks, Caleb and Joseph!"

-Tim Krehbiel, Private Pilot ASEL earned March 2023, Vans RV Transition Training April 2023

"I started working with Caleb after having started my flight training elsewhere. He did a fantastic job of interpreting my level of proficiency in different areas in order to focus on what needed the most work, and used effective techniques to explain new topics as we progressed. Thanks to Caleb, I enjoyed my flight training experience far more than I ever expected. I was prepared to take my checkride shortly after reaching 40 hours, which I passed easily. Additionally, Caleb makes every effort to provide students with real world experiences such as class B airspace, grass strips, short runways, etc., which is far superior to merely discussing them in a classroom and simulating them at the home airport. Caleb is well connected and will make the student well connected in the aviation community and gave me a very well-rounded training experience, preparing me for everything from the most serious emergencies, to the basics such as how to use FBO services at unfamiliar airports. Finally, he is flexible with scheduling, communicates well, and is very easy to get along with. I highly recommend Marsh Flying Services to any pilot or student pilot - and I strongly believe he provides the highest quality flight training in the Wichita area."

-Ryan Austin, Private Pilot ASEL earned July 2020

"If you’re wanting a level of highly detailed instruction that is unmatched anywhere else in the Wichita area then this is the place to go. Caleb is very easy to work with and highly knowledgeable. He will take the time to make sure you have a full understanding of everything needed to obtain the rating you’re seeking. If you have a complicated schedule it’s not a problem for him, his aircraft is clean and an excellent flyer compared to some of the planes at other local schools. Highly recommended!"

-Donny Dichristopher, Private Pilot ASEL earned July 2020

"I just finished Caleb's accelerated training. Caleb is a well known local business owner and family-oriented man.  Caleb was an excellent instructor that focused on helping me achieve my goal of obtaininng a PPL in a considerably short amount of time. He is a very knowledgable, professional, and patient instructor. His flexible hours allowed me to get the most optimal training possible. Caleb's airplane is one of the finest in the area available for instruction. Though el dorado is a slightly longer drive, its definitely worth the trip. The training environment that Caleb provides is unmatched. Because of the excellent instruction, I passed my written and practical test with no issues."

-Joseph Boone, Private Pilot ASEL earned April 2020

"Working with Caleb of Marsh Flying Services was a wonderful experience. Caleb Marsh put in maximum effort with me to get my instrument rating, and we succeeded in short order! He is professional, a good communicator, knowledgeable and experienced, and a fantastic teacher. I highly recommend Marsh Flying Services to anyone wishing to get their instrument rating, to check out in a new aircraft, or simply for a BFR or to touch up your skills. You'll get one-on-one attention customized to your need, and at an affordable cost. Sincerely, Geoff Vincent"

-Geoff Vincent, Instrument Rating earned Decmeber 2016

"Finding the right flight school and flight instructor are critical first steps in earning a Private Pilot Certificate.  Before working with Caleb and Marsh Flying Services I had 4 previous instructors.  My first lost his medical half way through my training and the other two were CFI’s that couldn’t fit my schedule to their availability.   I was very discouraged but determined to finish what I started and explored going thru an accelerated “finish up” school when I found Marsh Flying Services, and I am so glad I did.   While the accelerated path may have helped me get the certificate, it couldn’t provide the patient local expertise that makes a good pilot.  With Caleb I was able to land on short fields, soft fields, towered fields, untowered fields, not simulated.  Not only was this a great skill and confidence builder, but it opened my eyes to the different aspects of flying and what I was passionate about.   If you are looking to become a complete pilot and need someone that is as dedicated to that goal as you are, then you need to go to Marsh Flying Services.  I live in Manhattan, KS and I can say with all honesty that Caleb is the best CFI around with the best airplane available, and I plan on working on my Instrument Rating and beyond with him."

-Robert Van Meter, Private Pilot earned February 2016

"We have used Caleb Marsh’s pilot services on many occasions for aircraft pickup, delivery and customer checkouts.  He not only has exceptional flying skills, but we have always found him to be very professional and courteous.  We, along with our customers, have been very satisfied with his service and would highly recommend him to anyone."

-Todd Peterson

Peterson’s Performance Plus, Inc.

"I highly recommend Caleb Marsh for anyone needing a certified flight instructor for any reason.  I had three instructors on my way to a private pilot license.  Caleb far and away was the most knowledgeable, the best teacher, had the most reliable airplane, was the most fun to fly with, and increased my skills and confidence the quickest.  Caleb is based about 75 miles from me.  Even with the geographical separation, Caleb was great to work with and would have gotten me a license faster had I only worked with him rather than my local airport only 5 miles away.  His professionalism and productivity per hour of instruction are fantastic.  Caleb is exceptionally talented at preparing a student for testing.  I was very impressed with the test preparation I received from him.  Caleb will not let you down and you'll be a better pilot for having worked with him!"

-Brett Wiens, Passed Private Pilot Checkride March 2015


"When it came to getting my liscence I was fortunate to get Caleb as a instructor.Caleb took the time to explain things and was always paitent and non judgmental. I'd flown with other instructors who only flew when they felt it was convenient for them.With Caleb he had the same goals and passion as I did to earn my liscense. I drove from Topeka to El Dorado to take lessons and I can tell you Caleb is worth it. I flew away with more than just a liscence, but also a great friend out of the experience. Choose Caleb and I know you will too."

-Jacob Stirrett, Passed Private Pilot Checkride May 2015

"I graduated with a higher level of preparedness thanks to Caleb.”

-Jay Pearson, Emporia, Kansas

"The best thing that I can say about Caleb as an instructor is the preparation. Going through my first solo, to my knowledge test, through my checkride, and now as a private pilot, I have yet to encounter a situation that Caleb as not prepared me to handle. Another benefit to learning from Caleb is his calm and patient demeanor and the way he is thorough in his instruction. I always knew why were doing something, not just how to do it. Even now, if I have a question, Caleb is more than willing to answer a text or email or phone call to help me out."

-Matt Jacobs, Passed Private Pilot Checkride April 2015

"Dear Caleb;
Thank you very much for the ten+ hours of flight instruction you afforded me last month.    I actually had not flown for nineteen months prior to flying with you in my new King Katmai.  I now more than appreciate your calm patient demeanor and strategic tips and instruction as I struggled to regain and relearn lost muscle response etc necessary to fly safely.  Additionally your 'stick and rudder' skills from the right seat really helped me relax as I knew that if I screwed up you would quickly regain control of the ship.


El Dorado / Captain Jack Thomas Municipal (KEQA) is a gem of an airfield to learn or refresh flying skills as I did.  Air traffic was almost non-existent and with the four run-ways, wind conditions are almost a non-factor.  Beautiful scenery in your immediate area with green pastures, cattle ranches, lakes, rivers, and the thousands of wild horses will forever remain in my will the numerous landing strips in the area where one can visit and practice approaches and landings.  Now I understand why the Wichita, Kansas area is considered the center for general aviation of the world.


Thanks again for your help and hospitality.  I look forward to flying with you again during May '17.  Until then, safe travels!"

-Michael F. Maestri (2016)

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